Your Leading Partner in Trust and Safety: Everest Group PEAK Matrix®

Your Leading Partner in Trust and Safety: Everest Group PEAK Matrix®


Because of the global pandemic, social media usage and e-commerce has also surged, and the task of keeping brands and online communities safe has become increasingly important. Content moderation in recent times has seen a rise in demand, centering on trust and safety.

Teleperformance continues to lead the way in ensuring the security and safety of clients and their customers. Possessing deep industry expertise and decades-long experience has allowed us to be consistent in delivering top-notch trust and safety services. Our high-tech, high-touch approach has long utilized adaptive technology and cybersecurity capabilities, blending together the power of innovation and care to our employees. This being said, we are extremely proud to be recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Trust and Safety—Content Moderation Services 2021.

High -Res PEAK 2021 - Trust And Safety -content Moderation Services - For Teleperformance

Everest Group is a leading consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing. In its assessment, Teleperformance emerged as a Leader, with Everest Group highlighting Teleperformance’s strengths:

-  Continuous strengthening of capabilities to better serve clients across the trust and safety chain

-   Delivery capabilities in content services such as translation, localization, and quality assurance

-  Analytics and predictive analytics capabilities

-  Extensive experience serving multiple industries and partnerships with small to large clients

-  Partnerships with leading universities to facilitate research in well-being

-  Investment on coaching and training

-  A dedicated trust and safety academy for talent development

Being recognized as a Leader by Everest Group serves as an inspiration for us to continue being the chosen partner in trust and safety for our clients. We will remain relentless in ensuring the safety and security of our clients and their customers, and in prioritizing the well-being of our employees.

Congratulations to our Teleperformance teams around the world for another amazing milestone!